A feature from the gallery to get excited about. See someone new or someone you are a fan of in the spotlight!

December 12th Features

Jeanne Marler!!

“Jeanne just moved here this year and is a formally trained artist who studied in Montreal. As well as landscapes and other subject matter, she does amazing oil paintings of animals as commissions, one of which she has in the gallery. “Brea” is an almost photorealistic 16x 20 inch painting of a Westie that is just so heartwarming, and would be great for an office or lobby setting with its beautiful white frame.” -Kristen

Available now $1200.00

Tanis Wing!!

“Tanis is brand new with Gallery 33 and does amazingly detailed acrylic paintings. 
My favourite is “Watchers of the Wood,” which is an acrylic on a 8x 10 inch canvas, and is very endearing.” -Kristen

Available now for $345.00

August 10th FEATURE

Feature Friday! 📸🎨

Gayle Rowland: Wool on Felt art.
Paolo Gallo: Acrylic and Fluid Acrylics.

Their unique styles are definitely something to check out and make your own!

Gayle Rowland

Gayle Rowland

Paolo Gallo

Paolo Gallo

May 1st 2018 Feature!


Elizabeth Nash (Sybsis) and Jane Kmill

1. Elizabeth Nash: Wire-wrapped earrings, $10.00

2. Elizabeth Nash: Fluorite wire-wrapped necklace $25.00

3. Jane Kmill: Silver and Gold-filled spinner ring, $75.00

4. Jane Kmill: Embossed Copper earrings, $26.00

March 2018 Feature #1

Gaye Manson and Chloe Langlois

1. “Flowers,” glass mosaic, 25”x 13.5” $175.00

2. "Multi-Chrome Floral," Mosaic mirror, 12"x 12" $60.00

3. “Pink Flowers,” mosaic mirror, 12”x 12” $65.00

4. . “Green Leaves,” mosaic mirror, 12”x 12” $75.00

January 9th 2018 Feature:

Liz Straiton of "Kidd Point Pottery" and Marilou Adams of "Dock Bay Pottery"

These 2 ladies have made Gallery 33 their first place to ever exhibit their pottery and we couldn't be more excited to have them as our sole pottery artists. Click on images for detail.

Image 1: Liz Straiton "Kidd Point Pottery," Knitting Bowl, ceramics/pottery $20.00

Image 2: Liz Straiton "Kidd Point Pottery," Green Bowl, ceramics/pottery $30.00

Image 3: Marilou Adams "Dock Bay Pottery," Fish Plate and Fork, ceramics/pottery and metal $30.00

Image 4: Marilou Adams "Dock Bay Pottery," Piggy Bank, ceramics/pottery $25.00