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"Paint Like a Musician!" With Charles Burke

6 Spaces left!

Friday November 16th 6:00- 9:00 pm
Saturday November 17th 1:00- 4:00 pm
Sunday November 18th 1:00- 4:00 pm
$182.00+HST per person. ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED. 
Pre-registry is required. Maximum 8 people. 

Come and join Charles Burke (Chas) hailing from Thunder Bay but joining us from the Toronto area to teach a wonderful workshop on "How to Paint like a Musician!"

"Experience a new, unique approach to painting which combines colour and sound to produce well-balanced and blended works while learning the technical skills of painting in an interactive and supportive environment.
Learn about such aspects as drawing, design, composition, materials and tools manipulation as well as relevant historical and marketing knowledge. 
This course does not require music notation knowledge or music performance capability."

Please register with Gallery 33 as soon as you are able. You don't want to miss this amazing workshop!
Call: 286-4233
Or come into Gallery 33 at 4 Balsam Street, in Thunder Bay (right next to George's Market)

Workshop Overview 

Lesson 1  Abstract in C Major

1. Clarify terms and parallels

2. Show Mondrian examples: primaries, steelyard

3. Rainbow,   prism : yellow centre,   red to the right

4. Establish position of yellow and place on colour/sound chart (coloured pencils)

5. Establish primaries, secondaries and tertiaries on canvas (paint)

6. Place primaries, secondaries and tertiaries on Colour/Sound Chart (coloured pencils)

7. Establish the relationship of yellow to c : Shlain , e=mc2

8. Relate piano keyboard

9. Completely label Colour/Sound Equivalency Chart (coloured pencils)

10. Clarify triadic construction by counting methodology and place on Colour Map : handout, scalene

11. Establish Schopenhauer ratios

12 Tape and paint Mondrian –style tricolour plus black and white (preplan for four additional colours)


Lesson 2   Finish Mondrian-style painting and start Still Life painting

1. Distribute procedural map –review triad construction

2. Explain chord progression and voicing

3. Do a colour map for C majo r (coloured pencil)

4. Do a  colour balance chart (Schopenhauer star) to establish the ratios of the seven colours to be used

5. Tape and finish painting the Mondrian –style painting

6. Start work on a still life painting : distribute and clarify principles

7. Distribute black and white image for transfer to 18” x 24” canvas

8. ‘String’ the canvas and lay in the image in charcoal


Lesson 3   Completion of G major still life

1. Review process and establish procedural map

2. Review and create colour map for mother colour G

3. Create colour balance chart (Schopenhauer star)

4. Assign colours to objects according to ratios of colour balance chart

5. Complete the painting

6. Distribution of Colour Mixing, Value Map, and complete Colour Chart

7. Display the works

Image by Charles Burke

Image by Charles Burke